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Dedicated to the conservation of the Cochamó Valley.


The Valle Cochamó Organization (OVC), is a non-profit community and transversal organization, comprised of land owners, friends, and business operators who work for the development of responsible tourism, community development, safeguarding traditional lifestyles, their culture and identity to make viable the creation of a protected area. OVC was founded in 2017 as a result of the explosive growth of visitors to the region and the constant threat of hydroelectric, forestry and real-estate projects in one of the most beautiful places in Northern Patagonia. During these years we have managed to implement a visitor management system, where load capacity is established through mandatory reservations, hired and recruited park rangers and volunteers in charge of receiving the tourist and delivering the necessary information. With this system we have managed to reduce the impact of the visitor by improving the management of garbage and recycling, fire risks and water pollution derived from uncontrolled tourism.
The properties that make up the territory of the Cochamó Valley are not National Parks or Private Reserves.
The necessary resources for the management of these territories have been made possible thanks to the contribution of the owners, voluntary contributions from the general public and private companies.


We are a team dedicated to the conservation of the Cochamó Valley, made up of multidisciplinary professionals, including locals in the area, private owners, traditional Arrieros, transporters, and tour operators.
Our mission is to work for the consolidation of a collaborative protected area, where responsible and sustainable tourism is developed, conserving our cultural and natural heritage.

Board of Directors

Tatiana Sandoval

Tatiana Sandoval is born and raised in Cochamó. In addition to being an excellent president, she runs her Coffee House cafe venture and administrates Southern Trips. Her horseback riding company, which in 2008 was started by her brother Favian, has united the whole family. Tati and family's love for their place of origin make their main objective to protect the natural beauties of Cochamó. Her knowledge of the forest and mountains, her interest in maintaining the cultural legacy and her professionalism make a good mix and key to helping preserve the Cochamó Valley.

Andres Amengual

Vice President

Paula Sanza


Silvina Verdún



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Patricia Almonacid

Patricio Almonacid

Aurelia Barría

Rodrigo Condeza

Pavel Drabina

Cristian Gallardo

Nancy Gonzalez Valle

Brady Liljemark

Daniel Pastene

Daniel Seeliger

Help us preserve the valley.
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