It's everyone's responsibility to conserve the Cochamó Valley.

Campaign 2021

As of today, the entrance to the valley is still free due to the contributions of the owners and private parties. There are important fixed costs to achieve the goals of conservation, restoration, and infrastructure implementation that we have set for ourselves, whose fixed basic cost is approximately $ 15,000,000.
The Cochamó Valley does not receive government aid, however it has been recognized at the national level for the conservation and territorial organization efforts. Join this collaborative project and help us accomplish our 2020-2021 goals.


Cost: $1,000,000 clp

The trail to the Cochamó Valley is 13 km long and requires several signs to indicate the way. There are also many high altitude trails that must be marked for visitor safety. Each year they must be replaced due to deterioration or inclement weather. Installing them in each area takes a lot of time, effort and resources (transport of tools, chainsaws, horses to transport posters, porters, etc.).

Visitor Center

Cost: $3,000,000 clp

We need to install internet to make a reservation confirmation and information database organized online. Additional solar panels are needed. We need to rent a house to improve the 4-month stay of the team of volunteers and park rangers, and increase the salary for volunteers. We also aim to provide some clothing with the org's logo to be part of a uniform.
In the 2018-2019 season we transformed an old container into a new visitor center and recycling program, thanks to private financing from Mammut and Andes Gear. In 2019-2020, the visitor's entrance was digitized through 4 computers, we installed a base radio, added three new portable radios and installed solar panels on the roof and a battery bank to charge computers and radios.

Trail Maintenance

Cost: $2,500,000 clp

The trail to the valley is 13 km through an imposing Patagonian rainforest. Every winter many trees fall on the path, these not only block the path, but also damage the trail, the signage and the infrastructure. Getting to these places requires a lot of effort from material and human resources, chainsaws and tools must be transported to maintain the trail and its infrastructure, such as suspension bridges and footbridges.

Informative Video

Cost: $3,500,000 clp

The number of tourists has increased over the years, reaching thousands of people per season (12,689 people registered only between December 2019 and mid-March 2020). It is essential and imperative to give a small welcome inductroucion at the Visitor Center. The vast majority of visitors are inexperienced in mountain terrain and waste management in wild areas, so it is essential to improve the visibility of this valuable information. That is why a video would help not only in the Visitor Center, but also, through the social networks of our organization and others.

Rescue / First Aid

Cost: $4,000,000

Every year, accidents inevitably happen. Having an accident in an area as isolated as this is high risk, it is also very far from any hospital center and an aeromedical evacuation is only possible if the weather allows it. Each rescue requires a tremendous trained human effort, until now, it has almost always been the same climbers (most with WFR first aid knowledge) who have helped the victims. It is of the utmost urgency to have a team prepared with first-rate supplies to attend to these emergencies.

Protocolos Coronavirus

Cost: $1,000,000 clp

Like everyone this year, we have been faced with the new normal of the Coronavirus. This requires having all the basic and necessary health precautions in order to provide security to our park rangers, volunteers and visitors. We need to be able to implement in the Visitor Center everything necessary to serve the public and also have everything necessary for the prevention of Coronavirus in each campsite.
❑ Disposable aprons
❑ Latex gloves
❑ Alcohol gel
❑ Face masks
❑ Face shield


Take responsibility and together we will work for the conservation of the Cochamó Valley.

Completed Projects

Visitor Center

Implementamos el registro digitalizado de los visitantes a través de 4 computadores, instalamos una radio base, agregamos tres nuevas radios portátiles e instalamos paneles solares en el techo del CV y un banco de baterías...

Trail Work

Los trabajos incluyeron arreglos de “pasadas” malas, instalación de entablonados en diversos tramos, reparación del puente del Río Piedras y la construcción de nuevos puentes, en el Río La Junta y en el valle de altura de Anfiteatro...


Es el año en el que se instaló más señalética en la historia del Valle. Ha sido un gran avance, aunque aún es necesario agregar señalética informativa, educativa, de seguridad e infografía.

Recycling Center

Instalado a pasos del Centro de Visitantes, el Centro de Reciclaje lleva funcionando dos años consecutivos. Al principio de la temporada se realizan talleres de capacitación al equipo del Centro de Visitantes, integrantes de campings y otros actores relevantes del Valle. Los visitantes pueden reciclar Tetra-Pack, latas de comida, plástico, vidrio y aluminio.

Climbing Route Maintenance

Durante enero y febrero 2020 un grupo de escaladores voluntarios instaló más de un centenar de bolts (chapas) en múltiples paredes de escalada del valle, la mayoría destinadas a reemplazar chapas y pernos en mal estado. También se cambiaron cuerdas, cordines y cintas tubulares desgastadas.
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