Recycling Center

Installed steps away from the Visitor Center, the Recycling Center has been operating for two consecutive years. At the beginning of the season, training workshops are held for the Visitor Center team, members of the campsites and other relevant stakeholders in the Valley. Visitors can recycle Tetra-Pack, food cans, plastic, glass and aluminum.

Most of the campsites in the La Junta sector have a green dot with infographics for the correct treatment and packing-out of their garbage. Visitors are advised to lower all their dry rubbish, inside the backpack and separated between what goes to a common garbage can and what can be recycled. We start from the premise that each one is responsible for lowering everything that goes up, visitors and neighbors in order to maintain a clean valley without contamination.

At the end of the season, members of the OVC transfer all the recyclable material to a collection center in Puerto Varas.

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