Visitor Center

This season, with the support of Mammut and Andes Gear, the Valle Cochamó Organization implemented a digital registration system with four computers for all visitors, installed a base radio, added three new portable radios and installed solar panels on the roof of the CV as well as a bank of batteries for charging computers and radios

Fluid communication with the Visitor Center had been a problem in past years. This season a great change was felt, very positive. The communication between the CV and the volunteers who monitor the trail, the campsites in the sector of the junta, police officers and arrieros, expedited the work and the resolution of multiple problems. For example, with the help of lost and injured people, notice of tourists who dumped or left abandoned garbage on the campsite or trail, daily report of the load capacities of the campsites, resolution of doubts with visitors who did not have their proof of reservation, etc. .

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