Let’s be responsible and together work for the conservation of Cochamó Valley.

Become a Member of the Cochamó Valley

Thank you for your collaboration for the conservation of the Cochamó Valley.

    Apply to Volunteer

    Every year thousands of tourists enter the Cochamó Valley, this last season around 13,000 people visited. All tourists must register at the Visitor Center, where park rangers and volunteers register their entry and reservation to the campsites. The team of park rangers and volunteers is made up of people related to the world of tourism (Ecotourism students or related). Every year we must organize the applications and the organization of the work teams. They are essential in providing adequate information for the visitor, on the conservation of these ecosystems, security to avoid accidents, looking for lost people, keeping the recycling system in order, among other tasks.

    Work Requirements (shelter, food, transfers and money)

    • The minimum period is 1 month to a maximum of 4 months (2 months desirable).
    • The work requirements are 12 days active x 3 days of effective rest.
    • We do not have fixed working hours, it all depends on the workload and the tasks to be carried out, for this reason there are relaxed days and others with activities from sunrise to sunset. Accommodation in a qualified camp in the El Morro sector (beginning of the trail). Wood stove heating.
    • Hot shower and bathroom provided.
    • You sleep in your own tent, using your own sleeping bag and personal pad.
    • There is no electricity or cell phone signal.
    • We give you a monetary incentive of CLP $150,000 gross pesos per month to cover transportation and food since you buy the food and also the transportation. Accommodation in the camp is provided by the Organización Valle Cochamó.
    • It is paid against issuance of the fee ticket and the delivery of the report.
    • Expenses incurred during rest days are the responsibility of each volunteer or intern.
    • Within the OVC you can apply for professional practices.
    • All volunteers are paid.

    For more information contact us:

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